Online alumni stories

Students who graduate from the University of Liverpool join a global network of more than 258,000 alumni.

Peter Van Den Plas

Peter Van Den Plas, Netherlands

“The best experience while studying at the University of Liverpool online was studying with people all over the world. Just studying for the master’s at the University of Liverpool opened new opportunities for my career.”

Samuel Bitariho

Samuel Bitariho, Burundi

“The University of Liverpool is one of the best and most recognised institutions in the World. To study online at the University of Liverpool gave me socially a positive consideration in my organisation but also in my country. My best experience while studying my course was the way they welcome people, the good work environment, students’ and lecturers’ interaction. Apart from the knowledge I got during my course, after getting my master’s degree, many things have changed in my career especially in terms of job position, responsibilities and promotion.”

David Cameron Donnachie

David Cameron Donnachie, Canada

“I found the structure of the online program and the modules really helpful. It made planning, scheduling, and balancing the program with work (and whatever remaining time there was in one’s life) significantly easier with the result being a more positive and productive experience.”

Jasbir Virdi

Jasbir Virdi, Canada

“I did my studying online. However, I made some great contacts with both students and professors from all over the world who are still in contact. This happened during classroom discussions and group assignments. The master’s degree has given me extra confidence to excel in my career.”

Richard Eailey

Richard Eailey, Trinidad and Tobago

“I sure had fun interacting with fellow students from all over the world and different walks of life. This enlightened me a lot and made my outlook on life completely different after the two years.”

Cristal Jackman

Cristal Jackman, Barbados

“The diversity of the classrooms was great. Learning from people from various geographical locations made the experience exceptional as it encouraged learning about different cultures and ways of life.”