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Our application process has three simple parts. There is no fee for applying and there is no obligation to enrol if your application is successful. 

Part 1 – Submit your application

Check the start date and entry requirements on the programme page for your chosen programme and then complete our online application form below.  

You can find all programme pages within each of our subject areas here.  

As well as basic information, such as your personal details, you will need to provide some supporting documents including photo ID, your CV and evidence of previous qualifications. You will also need to write a personal statement of around 500 words about your reasons for choosing the programme and your interest and experience in the subject area.   

You can save and resume your application if you need to come back to it later.  

Part 2 – Wait for our review

Once you submit your application, our admissions team will acknowledge receipt and will pass it to the Department Head and/or appropriate academic department(s) for consideration. We aim to review all applications and provide a decision within 10 working days.  

If your application is successful, we’ll make you an unconditional offer and invite you to a pre-enrolment review. If we still need some information from you, such as qualification certificates or references, we may make you a conditional offer based on you providing this information. 

If your application is unsuccessful, we will still let you know too. 

Part 3 – Pay and enrol

Once you have accepted your offer, the final part of the process is to pay your deposit via our online payment portal. You will be transferred to our student services team who will arrange your induction from the programme start date.   

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Need tips or advice? 

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