Goods and Services Tax

To comply with legislative changes surrounding goods and services tax on digital services, we have recently registered with the following countries for the collection of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Goods and Services Tax applies to digital services for which online education falls within this definition. Consequently, for some international students, we are required to charge Goods and Services Tax on your tuition fees.

Which countries does the Goods and Services Tax affect?

If you are a resident of the following countries, this tax will be applied to your fees*:

  • Saudi Arabia at the statutory rate of 15%
  • Singapore at the statutory rate of 8%**
  • India at the statutory rate of 18%

*The rate of applicable tax is subject to change. Please consult your local tax office for up-to-date information and guidance.

**Singapore GST will rise from 8% to 9% in January 2024.

Are all programmes subject to Goods and Services Tax?

Yes, the Goods and Services Tax applies to all programmes.

What happens if students move to another country where Goods and Services Tax isn’t applicable?

You should let us know if you are moving your country of residence. We will respond on a case-by-case basis.

Will students who move to Goods and Services Tax affected countries be charged?

If you move to a country with Goods and Services Tax after you commence studying with us, then the Goods and Services Tax will apply.

I am not resident of these countries but I am charged a Goods and Services tax. What should I do?

You should get in touch with us explaining your situation and provide us with your new residential address.

What I have further questions about the Goods and Services Tax?

If you have further questions about how the Goods and Services Tax might affect your studies, please contact our admissions team.