The virtual learning platform

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is at the centre of your online study experience. It is the platform where you will find your study timetable, view interactive lecturecasts, contribute to discussion forums, access resources and submit your assignments. It is available to access at any time, on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.  

Authentic assessment 

Authentic assessment is a key attribute to all University of Liverpool online programmes with students reviewed using tasks that mirror those they might undertake as professionals or citizens through choice of purpose, format, intended audience, resources, and collaborative or student-designed elements. All course assessment is done through the VLE with no requirement for students to visit an external testing or examination centre. 

Collaborative working 

Being an online student with the University of Liverpool is far from a solitary experience. You will collaborate with others throughout your studies through group work, discussions and projects with other students led by your tutors.  


A lecturecast is our version of an online lecture but rather than being a pre-recorded presentation a lecturecast consists of several multimedia elements – including video, text, infographics, short tasks and multiple-choice questions – that allow you to engage with the learning material. They are available to view and revisit at any time during your programme and act as a key resource throughout your studies. 

Discussion forums 

The discussion forums are a great way for students to connect with each other to reflect on course content, share knowledge and opinions and network on a global level. They are effective in reinforcing your learning and form a basis for both our programme content and our assessment.

Journal entries 

The VLE is where you will make your journal entries as you progress through your studies. These entries will often be reflective based on your learning and students are encouraged to connect their new knowledge to situations and scenarios relevant to them. You can review your entries at any time and better understand how your understanding has evolved and developed during your programme. 


The online library is a key platform that you will use throughout your online programme. With approximately 600,000 e-Books and 30,000 e-Journal titles, the library will help you find the academic sources you need throughout your studies. The library is easy to use and allows you to search for specific works by simply using a ‘keyword’ to find the information you need.

Study skills 

The Study Skills Hub area of the VLE provides students with a wide range of materials and resources aimed at helping you develop, improve and maintain your academic skills. The resources are intended for continuous use during your studies and you can refer to them at any point during your programme. 

Introduction to the VLE

In this video recorded during our July 2021 Virtual Open Week, our Learning Technology Manager, Anrich Potgieter, demonstrates the VLE from the perspective of an online student to give you an insight into how the platform facilitates and supports your studies.