As the AI trend is rising, it’s a good time to enter this field both as a personal interest and also as a career change. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in AI due to its current and future potential.

Gilbert Isber MSc Artificial Intelligence

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Gilbert Isber. I have a diversified background in management, strategy, accounting, and technology. I live and work in Dubai as a senior strategy and consultant manager. I developed years of experience in many sectors and industries as a management and strategy consultant.

Why did you choose to study your programme?

As the AI trend is rising, it is a good time to enter this field both as a personal interest and also as a career change. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in AI due to its current and future potential.

Why did you decide to study online with the University of Liverpool?

After a vast amount of research, I found the University of Liverpool online Artificial Intelligence MSc is the best considering the structure and contents of the programme. It is not just about applied AI and it is not just about Academic AI, it is a well-blended formula. The programme structure and contents cover what is needed to develop an innovative AI specialist. In addition, the ability to pursue a master’s degree from a Russell Group university online from my current location is another factor that contributed to my decision.

What have your first impressions of the programme been like?

After completing the first module, I discovered the uniqueness of this programme in terms of diverting students’ thinking to think critically, and the vast amount of discussion fostering innovation. During the discussion forum, the amount of innovative ideas generated by students was so impressive. My initial impression after completing the first module was excellent. It’s just one module and my way of thinking is so different now. The level of interactions, assignments and discussion is very interactive, and structured in a way that I can balance between studies and commitment. Plus, the program also considers the level of change caused by AI as being a disruptive technology, and how to consider change management, ethical, and green computing in the whole process. In addition, the student support is beyond excellent. The online library is also excellent, and the lecturers are always there, hence the support is identical and even better than the on-campus programmes.

What are you looking forward to most on your programme?

To upskill and reskill to a level of being able to innovate, create new ideas to solve problems in any sector and industry, and hence contribute to the advancement of AI applications and leave a positive footprint in this domain. Any AI program has to look at developing AI innovators, as graduates that really can find solutions for current and future problems using AI combining applied, academic and leadership abilities to do a positive change, and help find solutions for all sectors and industries.

Would you like to share anything else which we’ve not asked?

I am already in the process of applying two ideas generated during the discussion forums and assignment preparation. 1 – augmenting pervasive technology with process automation to increase the level of automation within the context of the organisation. 2 – customer’s clustering to develop a better insight of customer’s behaviour.

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