Online learning with the University of Liverpool: Student Support

Studying online with the University of Liverpool provides you with the ability to balance existing commitments alongside the goal of taking a postgraduate qualification to improve your skills and career prospects. Wherever in the world you are joining from, we are committed to assisting you throughout your study journey. As part of our online learning blog series, this post covers how the support system works as an online student with the University of Liverpool. 

Student support and study skills   

Transitioning to academic life can be challenging, and we appreciate that you may have questions along the way. To ensure you are supported in terms of non-academic queries, we have a dedicated Student Support team. This team can help you with things such as technical enquiries, for example if you are unsure how to do something within the virtual learning environment (VLE), or pastoral issues where some advice and guidance can help to reduce the impact on your studies. 

It may have been some time since your undergraduate studies, or you may not have studied in higher education before, and we understand that this may present some fears or obstacles to you. To help here, we also have a dedicated Study Skills team who can assist with a range of areas such as planning assignments, time management, accessing the online library and introducing you to the referencing process, to ensure you are set up for success. 

The Student Support Team will be on hand to help and support you in all non-academic areas to ensure that you are comfortable with all aspects of your programme. They can provide advice and guidance on a wide range of non-academic topics as you progress through your learning journey. They are also on hand to signpost you to other services if necessary.

Rob Jackson – Head of Student Support 

Student wellbeing services 

Your health and wellbeing are important to your success with the University of Liverpool. The Student Welfare Team is on hand to provide our online students with a range of disability and wellbeing support and can help signpost you toward external resources should any challenges arise. We provide a safe and non-judgemental space where you can raise any issues related to your health and safety. 

There are many personal aspects to being an online student and we recognise that you may also be juggling family, professional and financial responsibilities. If you find yourself in financial difficulty or have a personal or family-related issue affecting your studies, our team is here to support you every step of the way. 

Support provided by each member was way more than expected, be it the Admissions Team, Finance Team or Student Support Team.

Manish Madnani – Healthcare Leadership MSc 

Academic knowledge and support 

To enhance your knowledge, you will be encouraged to engage in active learning activities, such as group work and discussion forms, led by our module tutors. These team members are here to help with your academic questions and are also contactable via the learning platform during dedicated office hours for additional support.  

In addition, all programmes are designed to develop an online community where you can share knowledge and take the opportunity to interact with others. You will be able to connect with students from across the world as part of a peer support network and gain a wide range of perspectives on different topics.  

Further career development 

It’s important to consider how you will use your postgraduate qualification after graduation. As a University of Liverpool online student, you will gain access to a range of career resources to help roadmap your future plans. From career coaching to CV support and professional networking, our tools are designed to help you, whatever stage you are at in your career.  

Support services are available to all University of Liverpool online students, and we are committed to supporting you throughout your journey. Join the other 20,000 online graduates who have decided to take the next steps in their career.  

Visit the student support section of our website for more information about studying online. Alternatively, visit the blog to read the remaining instalments in this blog series.  

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