What can I expect from my programme induction?

Studying our postgraduate programmes online provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is wanting to obtain a qualification from a high-ranking British university. A qualification that has the same standing in the UK as the master’s degrees received by students who attended on- campus courses.  

Regardless of whether you have studied online before or not, to ensure you get off to a successful start, you will have a chance to attend an induction prior to beginning any of our online master’s programmes.

What is the purpose of the induction?

The main purpose of the two-week induction is to familiarise yourself with using the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so that you can become confident when it comes to finding resources and navigating your modules. Whether this is your first time studying online or not, the induction is an opportunity to not only settle into your online programme but also to meet virtually with the Student Support Team, the Study Skills Team, and your lecturers. This is also the time for you to truly engage academically so that you are able to make the most of the learning content throughout your online studies.

Who organises the induction?

The induction involves departments such as our Academic Team, Student Support Team and Study Skills Team. You will meet with each department during the induction and if you will need additional support the teams will be able to offer it to you. Additionally, prior to your course beginning, the Student Support Team will give you a 15-minute scheduled welcome call to discuss the details, confirm everything and answer any questions you may have.

As the induction is the time for you to get yourself acquainted with the VLE, it may seem daunting not knowing whether there is anyone you can turn to if you feel stuck in any way. Therefore, the Student Support Team will reach out to you several times during these two weeks to check in and ask how you are finding your feet. Needless to say, you will be able to contact your academic, support and study skills advisors long after the induction is concluded as we are committed to supporting you during your time with us.

What activities happen during the induction?

During the induction, you will be able to take part in numerous activities that will give you a taste of what it will be like studying your programme online. One of which is a live welcome session hosted by the Student Support Team. This will give you a chance to learn about key aspects of your course and the additional support available. As all our online postgraduate programmes are delivered through the VLE, the session will also cover a short introduction to the learning platform where you will access your module resources.

You will also have a chance to submit an induction assignment, as you would any other piece of work in the following weeks. The purpose of this activity is to identify your strengths and weaknesses based on the personalised feedback so that you can begin your first programme module with a deeper understanding of where you stand.

Other activities which you can participate in include quizzes, discussion forums, additional reading to academic writing resources, and many more, to keep you engaged throughout.

Do students meet each other during the induction?

The induction is the ideal time for you to meet students who will be studying the same course as you, giving you a chance to develop an online community with your peers. There are plenty of ways this can happen. For instance, you can socialise with your fellow students through the VLE messaging feature, as well as through various activities such as discussion forums.

If you have any questions regarding the induction, contact our admissions team.

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