Explore Our New FutureLearn Online Short Course – Tackling Public Health Issues: Concepts & Evidence

You may be thinking of changing your career or are looking to grow your understanding of public health. Discover our 4-week online short course with FutureLearn and immerse yourself with a breadth of knowledge and key skills to excel in the field. 

At the University of Liverpool online, our best interests lie in supporting the online student journey. We understand that people have busy lifestyles, whether you have a full-time job or other commitments outside studying, our 100% online and part-time courses are designed to fit around your lifestyle and career.

We have worked with FutureLearn, an online course provider, to carefully curate a taster short course modelled on our Master of Public Health (MPH).

The 4-week online on-demand Tackling Public Health Issues: Concepts and Evidence course will introduce key themes in public health.

Topics Include:

Week 1: Introduction to public health and models of health 

This week will provide you with a solid foundation of the topic, from understanding the history to the changing definitions of public health (including the medical model of health and social model of health) and public health in action. 

Week 2: Social determinants of health and health inequalities 

You will explore the social determinants of health that can enable individuals and societies to flourish and the different ways in which health and social inequalities present themselves.   

Week 3: Evidence in public health policy and practice 

This week focuses on an evidence-based approach to public health. You will gain clarity on what is considered evidence, including the importance of this in a public health context, the different types of evidence in further detail that are of interest in public health, and on the contrary, you will be exploring reasons for not using research evidence. 

Week 4: Ethical considerations in public health research 

In your final week, you will be looking at the ethical considerations and research standards in which we will explore the ethical considerations regarding conducting research and defining ethical research standards. This course will conclude with a summary and pointers for taking the next steps in studying public health with us at the University of Liverpool online. 

Only two hours of weekly study are required, and the course is curated by University of Liverpool academic Vickie Bates, an expert in the field of public health. You can start the course on-demand today and join a global classroom of learners. 

Why FutureLearn? 

FutureLearn is an online learning platform that enables you to learn through a mix of bite-sized videos, long- and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities. Courses are split into weeks, individual activities and steps to help you keep track of your learning. 

Top tips on preparing for and studying the course: 

  • Pick a date you are available to start studying the course – Available now!  
  • Make sure that you have full access to an online device appropriate for study, such as a laptop/computer, as the course is 100% online 
  • Find out what the course is like by previewing some of the (videos) steps before you join: What is Public Health  |  Public Health history in Britain  |  Social determinants of health 
  • Write detailed notes so that you can organise your learning on each topic from weeks 1-4
  • Manage your time efficiently so that you have a minimum of 2 hrs weekly study set aside from your work or personal commitments 
  • On concluding each week, summarise what you have learned so far so that you are ready to look ahead to the following week

By the end of this course, you will have gained a holistic understanding of the aims and challenges associated with promoting public health. This includes an understanding of how public health promotion can lead to improved population health. 

Want to learn more about the Master of Public Health (MPH)?

If you decide to further your study from the FutureLearn course, you could apply for our 100% online and part-time Master of Public Health (MPH) . The programme is fully accredited by APHEA (Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation). APHEA is an independent body which is committed to assuring and improving the quality of public health educational activities throughout Europe and the globe.

Our MPH offers a global multidisciplinary public health approach. You will work in small groups with your peers to discuss public health issues and engage in collaborative activities. Our international faculty and students bring a breadth of perspectives which provides you with unique insight into the best public health practices across the world.    

The University of Liverpool department of Public Health, Policy and Systems is one of the largest in the UK and has a world-leading status for excellence in research and education. Our activities are underpinned by the social model of health and its application to health inequalities and health and social care systems. We inspire people to learn and achieve – and do things that they never thought possible. 

A postgraduate qualification is a big investment in your future. We’re delighted to offer a For this programme, Regional Scholarships of up to 15% are available for international students based overseas in eligible countries.   Discover the range of tuition fee discounts and scholarships for online students here.

Our next Master of Public Health intake is on 11 October 2022  

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