Online learning with the University of Liverpool: Virtual Learning Environment

Learning remotely can often mean managing competing responsibilities, so being able to study flexibly with realistic goals is essential. As a leading provider of online postgraduate degrees, the University of Liverpool is committed to providing an enriching learning experience and the virtual learning environment (VLE) is at the core of your online study experience. With everything in one place, it makes keeping track of your progress easier to manage. As part of our online learning blog series, we unpack the virtual learning environment and how it works.  

Central online study experience     

From the start, you will be supported by a team of student support advisors as well as your designated module tutor. Find everything you need to progress in your studies on the virtual learning environment (VLE), available to access at any time. The main features of the VLE include:  

  • Interactive lecturecasts  
  • Discussion forums  
  • Comprehensive eLibrary  
  • Assignment submission  
  • Academic resources  

Learn how the platform facilitates and supports your studies in this online video. Alternatively, tune into our latest on-demand ‘Discover Online Programmes webinar’ to learn more about the virtual learning environment (VLE). 

The VLE provides a comprehensive hub for students, offering easy access to resources, timetables, student services, and academic materials. We have designed the VLE specifically for online students and it fosters collaborative learning through a wide range of activities that promote engagement and interactivity. With a vast array of resources including lecturecasts and access to the University of Liverpool online e-library, it empowers students to interact, learn, and excel in their studies.

Stephen Livesey – Director of Learning Technology 

Collaborative learning environment

Our programmes are designed to allow you to regularly interact with fellow students and your module tutor via mediums such as seminars, discussion forums and group projects. These activities will help you share knowledge, experiences, and network on a global level to aid your career development. The VLE is accessible across mobile, tablet or desktop devices with an internet connection, so you can learn at your convenience and when it suits you best. If there are any additional software requirements for your programme, these will be stated prior to enrolment.

The interaction was amazing with all the students, especially during the group projects. We could learn from each other and share our experiences.

Khalid Younis – Computer Science MSc   

A wide range of resources

The VLE also allows access to a host of academic resources. Our e-library has an extensive range of over 600,000 e-Books and 30,000 e-Journal titles, with materials easily searchable via keywords. All required and additional reading can be accessed directly via links in your module content for your convenience. Each module is broken down week by week, to help you stay on top of your studies. Our programmes are designed to be engaging and interactive, and our lecturecasts comprise various components that will test your understanding of the content.  

The learning platform is interactive, resourceful, and easy to navigate through. Interactions and communication with peers, lecturers, and the student support team have been frequent and endowing.

Munpreet Doorgah – Artificial Intelligence MSc  

Module content and assessments

All the resources you need to complete a module can be found on the VLE. Students are assessed using professional tasks which reflect those undertaken in the workplace, such as research, presentations and reporting. Almost all our online programmes are uniquely assessed by coursework, with no formal examination requirements. During these assessments, you will be able to showcase the transferable skills you have learnt during both your postgraduate studies and career to date.  

Staff knowledge and experience

Many of our staff have significant online teaching experience in addition to higher education qualifications. They are committed to delivering an excellent classroom experience and helping you to achieve your personal and professional ambitions. With many years of experience in the field, you will be in good hands throughout your studies. We are committed to supporting you throughout your study journey and beyond.  

Join the other 20,000 online graduates who have decided to take the next steps in their career with the University of Liverpool.  

To find out how the University of Liverpool can help you achieve your ambitions, contact our friendly Admissions Team. Alternatively, visit the blog to read the remaining instalments in this blog series.    

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