What is the highest paying computer science job?

A career in computer science in packed with opportunities across all kinds of industries – the ability to develop, program and automate is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after skillsets in the world, and as such, the financial reward for these kind of jobs can be substantial.

As with most other career paths, the pay for computer science jobs sits on an ascending scale, and as computer scientists develop their skills and specialise in certain technological areas, the wages tend to reflect that increased competence.

So, what are the highest paying computer science jobs out there? How much do those jobs pay? In this guide, we’re going to answer questions like these and more around computer science positions and the wages that come with them.

What kind of jobs can you get in computer science?

Computer science can be a very broad field, incorporating all kinds of different IT applications and skill paths. As such, there are a number of roles available for those looking to get into the industry. Here are some of the most common:

Software engineer – Software engineers design, develop, maintain and improve software solutions and systems on behalf of businesses. This role covers the entire computer science spectrum, and can be advertised using other titles, such as systems programmer, web developer or database engineer.

Data analyst – Data analysts (including big data analysts) harness data to keep data records for businesses, provide reports on that data to help those business improve their services, create automated processes to increase efficiency and any other responsibilities that focus on data use.

Machine learning engineer – Machine learning engineers work with businesses to implement AI technology within their processes. This AI technology is software or hardware that seeks to improve the way a business works using machine learning solutions.

Web developer – Web developers are computer science experts who specialise in creating websites and applications that can be accessed and used through the internet. They will work on all aspects of web design, including back end, front end and full-stack processes.

IT teacher – The more we become reliant on technology, the more need there is to fill skills gaps in the computer science sector. As such, IT teachers, lecturers and trainers are very much in demand, teaching a new generation of computer scientists the latest techniques and skills in the field.

These are just some examples of computer science roles that make up the computer science career path – you can find out more with this helpful guide to careers in IT.

What are the best paying jobs in computer science?

With so many different positions available in computer science, it is tough to pin down those roles that pay the most. Many of the best are centred around demand and supply; if there are positions which require more niche specialisations, these will pay more than more generalised opportunities.

One example of a high paying computer science job is a software architect. Software architects are developers and engineers who are hired by businesses to create entire software frameworks for the business’ processes. This software can include anything that the business requires, and software architects head up each software project and make key decisions to answer those requirements.

Another is the role of AI consultant. AI consultants are brought in by businesses to provide recommendations, suggestions and solutions for ways that AI and machine learning can improve the infrastructure and processes of a business. These consultants carry out audits, provide reports and sometimes, even oversee AI implementation in line with an information strategy manager.

The position of research scientist can also be a well paid role on the computer scientist career path. Research scientists are focused on the developmental side of computer science, research and developing new technology to tackle new challenges within the IT sector and in other fields. They can work for both research institutes and private businesses.

As above, these are just some examples of well-paid computer science jobs. The best way to track down the well-paid IT job that’s right for you is to do some research, both online and by talking to those professionals in computer science who’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

How do you get a job in computer science?

Getting a job in computer science is all about accruing invaluable skills, experience and training to ensure you are best equipped to deal with as many software, hardware and technological challenges as you can. While you can self-learn, generally the best way to get started on your path to becoming a computer scientist is to access the right education to learn from the best computer scientist practitioners in the field.

Obtaining a computer science degree in a higher education institute is one of the best first steps you can take on your career path, and the University of Liverpool online masters in computer science is an excellent place to start. This fully-remote course grants an insight into the many technical abilities that make up computer science, and how those abilities can be put into practice in the professional world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do computer science jobs pay well?

Yes – thanks to the importance of technology in just about every part of our lives, businesses are keen to recruit top talent for their computer science positions. Because of this, there is a lot of demand, and since supply is low due to the extensive study needed in the computer science field, there are a number of opportunities for highly-paid roles in well-respected businesses in every industry.

Is computer science hard?

Computer science, as an area of study, is built on an understanding of all kinds of software, so while it may not necessarily be hard, it does require extensive study to be able to access the best jobs in the sector.

Having said that, one of the benefits of computer science is that this understanding is cumulative – the more you study, the easier unfamiliar topics and techniques become to learn. As such, perseverance, hard work and an eagerness to develop your skills are all key factors in any interest in the computer science field.

What computer science job pays the most?

There are a number of computer science jobs that pay well – these include things like:

  • Research scientists
  • Software architects
  • DevOps engineers
  • Mobile developers
  • IT auditors
  • IT project managers
  • Software engineers

To learn more about other roles that pay well within computer science, read this useful guide.

If you’re thinking of kicking off your career in computer science, the University of Liverpool’s online master’s in computer science can give you the essential skills and understanding you need to excel in the sector. This MSc is the perfect partner for an undergraduate degree, helping you to go on to discover a path in any of the diverse computer science careers available to graduates.

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