Jumpstart your career progression with a UK Scholarship

Have you ever considered a master’s degree? Taking the decision to embark on a postgraduate qualification provides you with an excellent opportunity to progress further up the career ladder and access a wider range of job possibilities. In this blog post, we look in greater detail at the advantages of our new UK Scholarship and find out how financial aid works.

Who is the UK Scholarship for?     

The UK scholarship is applied as a tuition fee discount and aimed at students residing within the United Kingdom, who enrol within the 2023/24 academic year. This offer of a 10% discount is valid against all full master’s awards. Scholarships cannot be combined; however, it is possible to combine discounts or use them with scholarships depending on eligibility.

Become a subject specialist and take your knowledge to the next level

When it comes to earning capacity, master’s students can usually negotiate a higher salary in return for their knowledge and expertise. While some industries simply require a master’s degree at the very minimum, you’ll gain a competitive advantage when it comes to the demands of the job market. Whatever your reasons for studying, a postgraduate qualification sets you apart from other candidates and provides a true sense of academic accomplishment. 

Which postgraduate qualifications are eligible for the scholarship?  

The UK Scholarship is applicable against the 2023/24 academic year for all full master’s awards and is awarded to students residing in the United Kingdom.

Choose from a diverse range of courses across the following subject areas: 

  • Business and Management 
  • Computer Science 
  • Education 
  • Law 
  • Medicine and Health Sciences 
  • Psychology

Push your career forward and apply for a UK scholarship today 

Interested in finding out what financial aid is available to you? Contact our friendly Admissions team for more information. Alternatively, visit the fees and funding section of our website to discover the discounts and scholarships currently on offer.  

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